Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogging for the Intercontinental Music Lab

So, we've made *checks for details* 6 albums so far and it's about time we thought about album number 7 isn't it? Yes, that's right, that lucky not so difficult seventh album. Looking through the history of the musical entertainment system we can discover the various bands that split up after making just a paltry 6 albums. By entering our seventh multi continental studio album, we are therefore more grown up than ALL of the following bands:

The Doors

Yes, that's all I could find through my avid googling. The phrase that manage to garner results in the end was (with the aid of boolean quote marks) "they only made six albums". I have attached a photograph of Jim Morrison to this post to really bring this fact alive, but also, more importantly, so we can see what our new blogger template looks like with some real content added to it. Watch this space for more updates in the next few days.


  1. Let us not forget Dire Straits

  2. Let's issue a press release proclaiming our superiority to The Doors, Michael Jackson and Dire Straits immediately. I think that's a really powerful message.