Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chelonia mydas

I've decided to compose my contribution to this album on the subject of the Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mydas. The species is classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. This video swayed it for me. It shows ten specimen being released into the Atlantic last summer from a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is my favourite place in the world.

The Green Sea Turtle is a slow and relaxed creature which appears to fly gracefully through the water by flapping its fins. I have an idea for the music which is similarly relaxed and peaceful. The piece will probably be arranged quite simply with finger picked steel string acoustic guitar featuring dominantly.


  1. Nice subject, and I like the work in progress vid you posted up as well. Cape Cod is sublime isn't it? Me and Layla had the fortune to visit their years and years and years ago. Nothing like a choice place, and an animal to conjure up some sweet music.

  2. Yes indeed. I've spent many summers on Cape Cod from age 10 on. My folks have a place there and we are booked in for three weeks in August. With the work in progress thing, I thought it would be interesting to document the creative process. I may do some more. It's fun looking back on how an idea evolved.