Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Head f*ck

In search of the Kakapo and suitably inspirational video I stumbled across this classic scene screened in the recent "TV adaptation"of Douglas Adam's Last Chance To See.

This is quite useful for me as I've been thinking that the song of the Kakapo should be a yearning jazz fusion/Herbie Hancock affair designed to ensnare a mate. The Kakapo in this video takes a more direct action than digging a bass-binesque trench by simply jumping Mark the photographer. Now, as always with IML projects, I'm setting out with a personal musical brief way beyond my abilities or time at disposal but I always like to aim high to start with. So Herbie Hancock/Funk workout meets a soulful flightless love-bird serenading a potentially absentee mate it is.


  1. I'd donate good money to hear a Herbie-inspired Barney Brown production

  2. Especially if you can simulate a Kakapo head-rut whilst performing!

  3. Gentlemen, with that sort of enthusiasm how can I possibly back out of this impossible musical task that I have set myself? Time to illegal!