Tuesday, June 14, 2011


OK, I might have a bit of an unfair advantage on account of having an insider tip off for the next album theme but I couldn't resist putting my hand up for the Kakapo first:

I first read about it in Douglas Adams' wonderful book "Last chance to see" which quite frankly should be required reading for, well everyone, but specifically people joining this IML project. The book documents a journey around the world to visit species on the verge of extinction, and this chap was the star of the show for me. Its ritualistic attempts to find a mate involve digging a trench to enhance its already impressive sub bass, and yet, in some cases there is no mate to be found.

I want to know more about it, hence choosing it as my subject, it will force me to research. I'm really looking forward to the assignment and I hope that whoever gets my backing track finds the beauty in this wonderful creature as well. More soon ...

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  1. The Kakapo is one of the mulest species of all time - a scruffy flightless parrot that burrows! Wasn't aware it was endangered!

    I second Kip's suggestion that everyone read 'Last Chance To See' (Douglas Adams) - an amazing book.